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  • June 24, 2011

SearchPDFEngine.comIf there is something that is never in short supply then that is search services for finding PDFs. That is the direct consequence of the overabundance of PDF files, and how easy it is to find one when you are looking for something exactly different. Every two or three days a new search tool for PDFs sees the light. And today, it is the turn of Sadly, this is not the kind of site that could wow you in terms of design and features. The site is a skeletal affair at best, and the searches it lets you carry are not really wide ones.

On you are enabled to key in your search criteria for results to be instantly displayed. There is just no way to filter them, and they are actually displayed in a way that is too spaced for its own good, making you scroll down and down to read information that could easily fit into a single results page.

With so many search tools for PDFs already available, I am afraid to say that this one certainly lags behind in every sense.

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