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  • October 9, 2007

www.Wiki.comAre you looking for live editable info? Do you want to comment on other people’s wikis? is the site for you.

It offers a search engine which allows you to search by keyword or by All Wikis, Wikipedia Only, Indie Wikis Only, and Encyclopedias Only, so you can easily have access to wikis’ material including all Wikipedia information. A wiki is a database of sites which visitors can edit live. It’s built on visitors’ comments and has many additional features such as: calendar sharing, live AV conferencing, RSS feeds, and more. This site offers two different types of wikis: you can build a freely editable and public wiki, or, if you need more privacy and security, you can choose a moderated wiki format with the possibility of having user agreements and locking some pages from public view. If you don’t need this kind of protection, you can start a free wiki and get: 2 workspaces, up to 5 members each, and 25 MB storage. It is scalable for business but fees may apply with extra members or storage. Moreover, pages can be edited in real time, and you can also search their content, and view updates since your last visit. Besides, in a “Moderated Wiki” format, owners are able to review comments before they’re added to the main body of a topic. It’s a simple way of sharing ideas and information on projects, no matter if you’re thinking of a family vacation or a complex business enterprise entrepreneurship.

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