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  • March 8, 2008

Wareseeker.comLooking for some special software for you? Well seek no more, here at you´ll find everything that you need because it´s the home of all the Freeware and Shareware around the Web.

You find huge collections divided by categories such as: Audio & Multimedia, Business, Video, etc… Buying software is in the past. You can find every utility you may need browsing around freeware and shareware. Every audio codec, audio and video player, burning cds utilities is listed at, so just check the site out and you want be disappointed, because you´ll find whatever you´re looking for. All the products are free to download because that´s what shareware and freeware are. You´ll find a lot of famous utilities that would solve every problem you have, and you would never buy this kind of software again. So just take a look along the collections and try one of the software utilities.

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