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  • January 29, 2009

Ambedo.comDubbed by the team behind it as a “search engine tagger”, Ambedo aims to make the whole process of looking information on the WWW a truly elastic one. In principle, Ambedo is a sort of front page to the many search engines out there.

That is, this new service enables anybody to carry out searches without having to go to the front page of each search engine. This saves time and avoids the procedural headaches that collating and contrasting information from different source usually entails.

For example, if you look up “Cameron Crowe” at Ambedo you will look the term up at sites such as IMDB and come across his profile page therein. On the other hand, if you look up “The Who” the results to choose from come from Wikipedia, Last.FM and the many official band members sites.

At the end of the day, this new service does its job with correction, and although the interface could become a shade (or more) better, it might help you look up and contrast information and results culled from several major search engine in a single drop.

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