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More – Visit These Adventure Parks

  • February 17, 2008

SeaWorld.comDo you want to experience the most fantastic weekend ever in Orlando, San Diego or San Antonio visiting the sea world? In that case, enter and you will be able to get all the necessary information on these adventure parks and become convinced that they are places you have to visit! After having read everything these parks can offer, the web site gives you the possibility to buy the tickets online.

The home page will greet you with fantastic snap shots of all the beautiful wildlife that you will encounter. There are photo galleries for your free perusal, information on the events that you will attend and much more. So don’t waste any more time and get your tickets now!

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More – Indianapolis’ zoo

  • February 11, 2008 is the web site of Indianapolis zoo in USA.

According to its web site, it must be an incredible zoo. The home page shows beautiful pictures of sea creatures as, jellyfishes, seahorses, starfishes, chorales, exotic fishes, etc. The main menu includes: Visitor info – and there you will find what is new in the zoo, the opening hours, the admission prices, map and directions, etc- It also includes information about the zoo and there you can visit the Image gallery with beautiful animal pictures, don’t miss it!! The Education and Special events section is very interesting too. The site give you the opportunity to buy tickets online (a new service) or if you have any doubts you can call the infoline or email the zoo.

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