More – Play Games Based On Your Location

  • May 24, 2010

SCVNGR.comThink of SCVNGR as a social game that rides in the slipstream of location-based services and you will know what to expect if you eventually decide to give it a try. SCVNGR is all about going places and doing challenges in order to earn points and unlock badges.

This game can be played over most mobile platforms (both iPhones and Androids are fully supported as it is), and the idea is that you can (and will) play it from just anywhere – a café, the gym, the theatre and also your favorite park.

Prototypical SCVNGR activities include taking photos, solving riddles and scanning QR codes. And I don’t have to tell you that a very representative number of tasks involves checking in.

Such a service can be employed both by individuals and also by enterprises that want to take any promotion or campaign to a whole new height and engage people in one of the undisputed frameworks for interacting of our time. Building anything on SCVNG is very simple, as complicatedness is kept at bay. The editor couldn’t be easier to employ, and you can even try it for fee.

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