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  • January 6, 2011

Scuup.netScuup is a site in which people are given the chance to find the coolest products around, as recommended by other users who are exactly like them. These are grouped into three main categories: Electronic & Computing, Media & Software and Websites. These are all obviously split into even more subcategories.

For example, the Media & Software category encompasses both productivity and entertainment tools, whereas the Websites category is broken down into thematic topics such as Health, Arts and Business. And the Electronics & Computing category is where you can find devices such as MP3s and so on.

In any case, a search interface is likewise provided for you to individualize what you are keen on getting and being presented with direct matches. And in case you are looking for the top items within each featured category, then these are easily determined by looking at the lists that populate the homepage. If even that fails to give you a good idea of what to get or try, then this site might just not be for you.

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