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  • August 26, 2009

Artistic & NaturalI personally like this blog. Why? Because it gives you images about the works of an evidently talented artist you will really enjoy.

Wallflower Studio is an interesting blog that was created by Karen Sloan, who is both an artist and horticulturalist living in

Minden, Ontario, Canada.

Karen gives you the chance to have a great experience by taking a look at her latest canvas paints. She is also experienced and gifted when it comes to creating papier-mâché sculptures while she listen her favorite music. (Steely Dan & Miles Davis)

If you want to learn more about this blog as well as this talented artist just stop by the blog and you will not regret it. Artistic & Natural

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More – More Than Just a Pretty Picture

  • June 26, 2008 – More Than Just a Pretty PictureIf you’re an art lover and would like to see some wonderful contemporary artists’ works, you should drop by Gallery M. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised at the work that you’ll find there.

Gallery M Specializes in 20th Century photojournalism, social documentary, and contemporary photography. The gallery features a variety of artists from all over the world that work with different mediums. At Gallery M you’ll find many different fine arts techniques, photography, and sculpture to suit just about anyone’s taste. The Gallery is located in downtown Denver but you can view all of the artists’ works on the website. If you’re interested in adding to your art collection, the works that can be found here are a great choice. Art can be a great investment, and the joy of owning a piece that really speaks to you is simply priceless. Take a look at all of the choices available here and contact the gallery for more information if you’re truly interested in a particular piece. – More Than Just a Pretty Picture

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More – The American Artists Family

  • June 17, 2008

Myamericanartist.comThis is the website of American Artist, a monthly art magazine for representational and figurative artists. The magazine works as an essential link between artists and the people who organize competitions, provide instruction, discuss professional issues, sell original works, and publish prints and reproductions.

This website is an exciting new venture, given that it provides an opportunity for better communication between the magazine and its readers, and between readers and the international community of artists. In addition to the content from the current issue, you will find an archive of back issues, valuable resources, such as the annual Directory of Art Schools & Workshops, the forthcoming artists’ online portfolios, and exclusive online content. Through this site you will discover why these artists are devoted to realism and are considered to be shining examples of excellence in their medium. The magazine comprehends oil paints, sculpture, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, and other painting styles.

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More – Find A Masterpiece

  • May 5, 2008

Galleryone.comAt you will find a great list of original paintings, sculpture, books, collector plates, and porcelain figurines, among others.

Some of the quick links you can access at the site are: Bateman, Brenders, Brown, Bullas, Christensen, Davis, Doolittle, Garmash, Hanks, Harper, Isaac, Kinkade, Lyman, Morrissey, Olsen, Phillips, Sabzi, Smith, Terpning, Weiss, etc. At the web site you will see a complete directory with artists, such as: Armstrong, Atkinson, Auster, Bama, Barnhouse, Dafeng, Dickson, Duncan, Parson, Murray, Rogers, Roth, Ross, Man, Marris, and many more. They have gift certificates, as well as art show photos available on the site. is an authorized dealer for collector’s editions. Plus, there are some calendars for you to choose from. If you want a piece of art to decorate your house, you should contact them. Visit the site, order what you like the most and ask them to ship it for you.

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