More – For The Management Of Scrum Projects

  • December 7, 2010

Scrumme.comSimply put, Scrumme is a software application for the easy management and execution of scrum projects. The product owner can create stories and prioritize them, and these stories can then be subdivided into tasks to be dealt with by the team. And as usual, the Scrum master takes care of creating and assigning roles along with sprints.

Scrumme is available in three different versions (Small, Medium and Large). The main differences between these lie in the supported number of projects and users. For example, the least-expensive version of Scrumme will let you run up to two different projects, and have up to three different team members. On the other hand, if you go for the larger version of the service you will be able to run an unlimited amount of projects, and assign them to as many people as you want.

And note that companies wanting to host Scrumme on their own servers and have it maintained by their own IT teams are likewise accounted for – just request a quote.

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