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Ready For A Faster, More Efficient Development Team? Get VivifyScrum

Ready For A Faster, More Efficient Development Team? Get VivifyScrum

VivifyScrum was made by users of scrum, for users of scrum, and will get your team working together like never before.

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Aimed at managers of Scrum and Kanban-driven teams, Review19 is a new collaboration tool that makes it easy to keep everything organized, and to keep all members of the same team in close contact at all times. If you’re a project manager, this new application will let you have a perfect grip on all that’s got to do you with your projects. You’ll get a status board with simple workflows, and you’ll be able to...

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The Scrum process was created during the eighties for managing product developments, but today it is mainly used by software agencies. Basically it is a way to organize the work in a team and give an interrelated order to the processes involved. is a platform to make this process as agile as possible by using computer tools and the advantages of the internet. The essence of Scrum is defining roles for each task...

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The management of agile projects takes time to be mastered. That might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it is the way things are. Just like everything else, Scrum takes time to be understood and truly leveraged. And in some cases, it takes a considerable amount of time. Or that was the way things used to be, at least. The release and adoption of applications like Scrumrf means that such a learning curve is going to become all...

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WRAP (short for WoodRanch Agile Project) is a project management application that is aimed at small to medium-sized companies looking for ways to enhance their current software development processes. By using WRAP, team members can collaborate more quickly and pointedly since the development process becomes 100 % visible to all of them, and decisions can be taken in a more contextualized way. Plus, WRAP makes for incorporating the...

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