More – Scripts For Creating Sites

  • May 31, 2011

Scripteen.comWho said that putting together a domain auction website was difficult? Or a knowledgebase? Or a site for planning events? It was clearly someone who had never tried Scripteen. This company is a purveyor of PHP scripts that will let even those who have no real technical understanding come up with such websites. And in each and every case, users will be coming up with sites that are both visually-appealing and rich in features.

Take for example the domain marketplace script. It will let you list an unlimited number of sites/domains for sale, promote these listings through all the main channels of the day, and be informed about offers as they come along. Right now, a single site license will cost you $ 57.

And in addition to being usable by people whose coding or programming skills are non-existent, a service like this one can be used by the technically-minded among you – you will be able to take the featured scripts and build whatever you want on top of them.

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