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  • April 29, 2008

Scrippsnews.comThis blog-alike website features news and articles as well as different journalist blogs. The news are separated into categories such as sports, arts, technology, lifestyle, business, etc.

and are taken from different national magazines and newspapers. ScrippsNews also features exclusive columnist and bloggers as well as a forum section where the latest events about all the different topics are discussed by the readers. Each reader can leave a comment on every single article or news, and besides being posted at the bottom of the news, they are also shown at the latest comments section on the home page. The website was launched in February 2006 and it’s currently on the beta status, so it will continue to change and grow. For that, they are accepting comments and suggestions in order to make the site better. If you are looking for some article in particular they have a very handy internal search engine.

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