More – A New Way To Capture Screenshots

  • August 26, 2009

ScreenSnapr.comThis is a new app that does something simple, but it does it very well: letting you capture and share screens instantly. The tool goes by the name of ScreenSnapr and by using a hotkey it will empower you to have a URL for sharing with whomever you want the social way (Facebook, Twitter, MSN…)

The app can be downloaded at no cost, and without requiring you to disclose information of any kind (subscription to the existing newsletter is completely optional).

Images that are cropped can be stored both online and in your own server, and some additional features include a built-in URL shortener for saving you some steps in the process of putting the image across in a snap indeed.

For the time being, this solution is available to PC users only. The team is actually interested in bringing ScreenSnapr to Mac users, and contact information is provided. In the event you are one yourself, you know how to contact them if there is a contribution you could make.

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