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  • January 9, 2009

ChoosyApp.comA visit to this site is a very appealing proposition for all HR managers out there. In principle, Choosy makes it possible for them to collect all the resumes they have to deal with, and review them in a quick and concise manner.

The idea is to enable HR managers to move from candidate to candidate and make the right decisions by spending the right amount of time.

Choosy works with the job boards that they already use, and it lets them add as many as they wish. All that has to be done is change the “Apply Now” link on the job boards itself to point to Choosy, and the system is there and then implemented.

There are also three different plans to choose from, and they go by the names of “Basic”, “Comfy” and “Posh”. The main difference seems to be the number of job postings at any given time, as they all take an unlimited number of both applicants and company users into account. SSL security is likewise included in every case.

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