More – A Broader Way To Interact With Content

  • November 30, 2010

Screach.comPresented by a British company named Screen Reach, Screach stands as a social service that lets users check in to any show that they are watching and share the way they feel with other people who are watching these very same shows.

For example, those who are watching the X Factor (the British equivalent to American Idol) can talk with each other right as the fate of contestants is to be determined and/or announced.

Of special note is the language that the company has created in order to let developers maximize this platform. This is named ScreachXML, and it basically lets even those who are not experienced in terms of design come up with interactive content to which people can relate to. Offers, coupons and deals can be served to users, and all these experiences are aggregated and become findable by just anybody. People who are not watching a show could learn about games that are running while the show is live on air, and take part of them.

And Screach goes well beyond that, as you can also check in to venues. For example, people who are attending an event or who are at a museum can use codes to get additional content such as images or videos, as well as chatting away with others who are also in attendance.

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