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  • June 12, 2008

GuardianVaccine.comGuardian Vaccine is the product that veterinarians choose as scours prevention. This vaccine is administrated to pregnant heifers and cows, so that they can transmit to their calves all the antibodies and other immune factors (through colostrum).

This transmission might help calves prevent scours. There is a table at this site where you can find out about the appropriate dose for each animal. At the link “management”, you can take a look at other preventive measures that can be performed in order to avoid scours. There is a quiz available at the site, where they ask questions about all the information they included about this product. You need to submit your address, because if you answer the questions correctly, they will send you a travel mug as a present. It might arrive up to six weeks later. If you are interested in animal health, visit, and find out what they offer.

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