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Richard Branson, Twitter, And Taking Startup Risks

There’s this guy called Richard Branson, not sure if you’ve heard of him. He’s got his hand in a few projects, and a little money in the bank. He also, apparently, enjoys helping out budding entrepreneurs over (Virgin) cocktails in Miami.   This is a tale of two young sibling entrepreneurs, an unexpected tweet, and a billionaire encounter that made their startup $1 million richer.     The opportune tweet Scott Ferreira,...

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Socially Yours, MySocialCloud Dreams Of An Internet Experience That Feels Like Cloud 9

Sounds like heaven. MySocialCloud is a startup striving to be the one location where Internet users can manage all of their online passwords and usernames. Accomplishing this would be an enormous feat by itself, but the lofty ambitions of the young team behind the startup don’t end with consolidating login-capability. They see MySocialCloud as the place to store and share all of your favorite web content. In short, they aim to...

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