More – Calculating Your Twitter Score

  • April 12, 2010

Twtscore.comThere are people who couldn’t be more competitive even if they tried, and I guess they are the ones who will find this website remarkable. You see, Twtscore is nothing but a fun application on Twitter that will enable user to compete against each other by way of a score that takes into account their Twitter-related activity.

This score is increased whenever the user starts being followed by others, or when he follows others himself. And it also goes up whenever the user posts a status update.

Calculating this score is as easy as it gets. You just provide your twitter username (or the username of you archenemies, obviously) and the final figure will be arrived at. In the end, this site is just like these “authority” rankers for Twitter, only that it is all packaged as if it were a game. The one question I ask myself is if we are going to see something like this for location-based networks a la Foursquare and Gowalla. I frankly think that is going to be the case, but only time can tell in the end.

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More – Keep Track Of These Products You Want

  • March 11, 2010

Scordit.comSelf-announced as “Product drooling 2.0”, this website will let you both create lists of these items that you have bought along with wishlists, and (eventually) win a prize for doing so.

That is, every time that you add an item to either kind of list you are receiving a point. The more points that you accrue, the more your chances to win something are increased. The site features both weekly and monthly prizes, and (as you can imagine) monthly prizes are the substantial ones.

The site lets you see these items that people are buying in droves and the ones that are more sought-after on its main page, so that you can realize if wanting to but this or that product is a whim you had, or if you are just acting like most sensible buyers would.

Scodit can be joined and use for free, and there are no different types of memberships. Everybody is equal here, and the one distinction that is made is based on the level of engagement that the person has with the site.

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More – A Social Site For Fans Of Sports

  • February 10, 2010

Champsden.comThose of you who have a fine eye for sports are going to maximize this site for sure. The same goes for the ones who have just a casual interest in this or that sport, because here they will be provided with an incentive to understand it better.

You see, Champsden is a social site in which people try and predict the outcome of matches for sports and leagues such as NBA, NFL, NHL and UFC. Those who hit the bulls’ eye will receive points, and these points will eventually be redeemable for prizes.

In actuality, every kind of interaction that takes place within the site will give you points. That includes meeting people and making new connections. Interacting through the provided forums will also translate into you accruing further points.

The site also has a leaderboard that you can check anytime you want, and see who sits at the top of the Champsden universe. Joining in is inexpensive, so that if sports are your cup of tea and you like the basic concept at play becoming part of it all will be easy.

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More – The Visibility Score For Everybody

  • January 22, 2010

WebMii.comHow visible are you on the Web? That is, if someone looks you up, what are they going to come across? That is not such superficial a consideration as it might seem – after all, if you are in charge of PR tasks the more findable you are then the easier your company will be reached. In that sense, a search portal like WebMii is definitely interesting if only because it will give you more than a rough estimate of how visible you actually are.

It does so by scouring the web for every piece of information that is connected with you, and then creating a score that takes into account not only how many pieces it could find but also how relevant such pieces are (IE, where were the found and how that placement speaks of your actual influence).

The search process itself is an agile one. You can tweak with many parameters like the region and also the criteria, EG “Modernist painter” or “World War I expert” and the results it yields are produced fast enough for those who hate tapping their fingers away. Also, it is worth remarking that the site is not only in English but also in French and Spanish.

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More – For Soccer Fans All Over The World

  • January 14, 2010

ScorePage.comAs its name implies, ScorePage provides live scores for soccer games taking place throughout the world. The site also includes tables for leagues so that you can put everything in context, and comprehensive rankings along with statistics are likewise featured.

In that way, you can lean most everything about recent matches and see the way any given team is going at a glance. You can see how teams that are playing have fared against each other in the past, and who might have a bit of a headstart historically.

When it comes to major soccer games, you are also provided with detailed information on specific incidents. For example, you get to see the time that a goal was scored and who scored the goal, who took the penalty and donkeyed it over the bar, who took that free kick and hit the post… Information such as yellow cards and red cards are likewise provided, all in real time.

If final place, the site includes comprehensive news on soccer, and all major leagues are already included. If you want to learn more about transfers and whether or not that coach you loathe has his days numbered, you will be able to figure it out through the site.

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More – Movie Ratings Powered By Twitter

  • December 28, 2009

Flixup.comI am certainly becoming used to checking for scores and reviews online before striking out to watch this or that movie. I also check for running times and related information – it can be detrimental to the actual experience going into the theatre thinking you are going to watch something that will last an hour and half, when it will actually last almost three hours.

Still, I am sure the main concern of people who check for movie-related information on the web revolves around scores and ratings. And the website being reviewed right now will let them procure such information quite easily.

In essence, this site (which goes by the name of Flixup) is a spot in which movie conversations on twitter are analyzed and then a score is created by measuring the predominant sentiment. In that way, you can have a sort of real-time inkling on how good (or not) any film is.

It is quite a useful service, and although I personally prefer reading full reviews instead of merely being presented with a score I do realize that is the site’s main asset: its preciseness. Not everybody has the time to go through a long review, and most people just want a basic understanding of how compelling a movie is. This site provides that by way of a specific rating, and the fact that Twitter is scoured will just make it all the more significant and representative.

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More – Sports Contests & Scores

  • December 27, 2009

Formerly known as Wagerline, Contests & Covers is a website for sports bettors. It includes scores, odds and complete match-up pages along with a forum where members of the community discuss sports from just every angle. The site lets sports fans talk about the latest signings, the best plays, the performance of coaches… just anything that could affect the outcome of a game in any way or the other can be openly discussed on

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More – iPhone Apps Under Review

  • October 22, 2009

AppTiger.comThose individuals who have an iPhone and who are looking into unleashing its full potential are more than likely to enjoy a site like this one. As you can tell by the title of the review, it is a spot in which iPhone apps are scrutinized one by one until the best applications within each category are found.

Each review comes with a score that goes from 0 to5, whereas the price is clearly set down at the beginning of the review so that if you are shopping based on a specific budget you can know if the app is suitable for you or not. Other information that is provided includes the actual languages that are supported.

The database is a comprehensive one, incidentally. The AppTiger team prides itself on the fact that every app within iTunes is currently reviewed and rated, and that makes the whole premise a more satisfying one for all concerned parties. For you, as the customer, it means that there will be a comprehensive enough number of apps to choose from, and that related apps will be measurable at a mere click of your mouse.

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More – Movie Reviews Powered By Twitter

  • October 21, 2009

TwitCritics.comTwitter has been known to make or break many movies as of late. The first one was Bruno, a movie that came down in flames after initial screenings, and Twitter was the driving force all along in that downfall.

Then a movie like District 9 made some real waves owing to the reaction of Twitterers who did see it and posted favorable tweets. And the list could go on and on. Time, then, for a resource that aggregates the opinion of Twitterers who are keen on celluloid and that like to venture their own opinions.

This site compiles that very same information, and it is presented by way of graphs that showcase the current take of the crowd when it comes to the latest movies.

The main hook of a site like this one is that the reviews do not come from professional critics but rather from people who are like you. In theory, that makes for a perception that is not removed from yours and that aspects that actually matter to you are the ones actually taken into consideration.

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More – An Online Sports Picking Community

  • October 9, 2009

CrowdPicks.comCrowdPicks is a brand-new sports picking community. Those who join and become members (for (free) can start making specific game predictions, and these game predictions are aggregated based on the performance of the member.

The best picks make their way to the section named “Intellipicks” and are sold.

There are more two types of accounts available, actually, and those who become premium members have the chance to employ filters and back-testing tools which are privative to them. These will basically enable them to create their own aggregate picks based on different criteria.

Lastly, CrowdPicks also shares revenue with members whose picks are featured as part of the official aggregate pick. And those who recruit new members are also rewarded for their efforts.

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FundingRoadMap.Com – Get Funded Faster

  • January 29, 2009

FundingRoadMap.ComThe new www.fundingroadmap.

com is the first online business plan and reporting system created with the purpose of make the funding process quicker, easier and much more cost-effective.

No matter if you represent a funding source or if you are an entrepreneur, now you can use this new digital platform that will make it easier for you if you are working at a challenging credit /investment environment.

This new solution works as a substitute for the static business plans, by being sharable and server-based, as well as interactive and licensable.

Among the many attractive characteristics of this tool, you will find the fact that the it is very easy to manage, providing users with a highly standardized, as well as a transparent, and easy-to-navigate reporting system, that will accelerate the review process, in addition to the decision and closing process.

This solution has a big potential of playing a very important role in the long term prosperity to help businesses thrive and grow world wide.

This business model was founded on the belief that Entrepreneurs and small business owners are worthy of the support of the business and lending community, and that is the main reason why strives to help people to achieve all their goals.


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More – Social Golfing Networking

  • August 4, 2008

Stracka.comOver at, golfers will find an online community tailored to their needs.

Whether you are looking to keep track of your scores, golf courses in your area, or your golfing buddies, you’ll be able to do all that and much more through this site. Signing up is easy, and since it is free, you don’t have to worry about putting another strain on your credit card. There are many features to the online store, all of which are specially designed to help you improve your golf game. If you are in particular need of assistance with your swing, you’ll find a series of videos on the site that will allow you to improve it with a few minor position adjustments. If you want to tell others about your golfing experiences, you are welcome to start a blog within your profile. This blog will allow you to share your knowledge of the sport of golf with others.

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More – Doctor Score Card

  • July 28, 2008

DoctorScoreCard.comLet’s suppose you are about to have a surgery intervention, you probably want to make sure the doctor that will attend you has a good recognition. In case you’d like to know beforehand whether you are going to be in good hands, you should check out this site.

At you will have the possibility of checking out your doctor’s profile or background information, so that you know who’s taking care of your health. The great thing about the web site is that it is not affiliated with any kind of institution so that you can trust the content. Furthermore, the site is operated by medical businesses, medical associations, hospitals, clinics, doctors, as well as free from patient advocacy groups. If you wish to have further information about them, you should give a glance at the web site. On the bottom of the webpage there are some links, such as: interactive map, detailed map, detailed search, license lookup, latest responses, top users, options for doctors, etc.

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More – The Center Of Hockey

  • July 15, 2008

CentralHockeyLeague.comIf you are a hockey fanatic and are looking for a unique source that gathers many NHL resources in an only place, you will find this site a useful online tool. Centralhockeyleague.

com, most known as the CHL, is the main Center of Hockey of the United States. Here you will find everything related to the major national league of this sport, including loads of information about teams, schedules, scores, players, and more. Users can do many things here; you can watch the games for free, chat with players, and buy tickets for the game of the week, all in the same site. At the top of your screen you’ll see the links that will lead you to the specific sections available. There you can access a Fan Zone, and Online Shop, and a Press Room, to name a few. At the homepage you’ll find the latest hockey news, the current standings, and some players’ profiles. If you want to find out more about your favorite teams, just select it from the list above.

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More – Scores And Much More

  • May 27, 2008

ScoreHero.comThis site provides the reader with the scores and rankings of people who play the following games, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. If you play them too you can register in this site and post your results as well.

In the Rankings section of this site you can select the games, the difficulty, and select a song. A list of users will appear showing the rank, user name, score, spread, rating, percent, streak, comment, and time stamp. You can also look at the top scores by selecting the game as well. You can compare users by going to the Compare Users section in which you can find a user and compare it with another one of your choice. In the Song Stats section you can select 4-Star Cutoff, 5-Star Cutoff, Total Notes or All Cutoffs and browse the statistics. In the Browse Scores you can find a user and look at his or her scores. In the forum section you can participate with other people in the discussion of common interests.

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More – Legal Credit Repair

  • May 27, 2008

Total-credit-repair.comIf you are having credit problems, you should look into what has to offer.

On the site, you will be able to fix your credit score, in order to be able to qualify for loans and credit cards. This is a great resource for anyone that has too much credit card debt to their name. If you like what the site has to offer, you can receive a free credit repair consultation. This will allow you to find out how much it will take for you to fix your credit score. With the site’s great method, you can eliminate up to 70% of your current debt. This will allow you to get back on your feet quicker. The site’s methods don’t permanently damage your credit score, so you can rest assured that you will be able o qualify for loans and other credit related money advances in the near future.

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More – Score In 60 Seconds

  • May 21, 2008

Freeannualcreditreporting.orgWhat is a credit score? If you have ever tried to get an auto loan and been disapproved, you have already been involved in a credit score. Many of this scenarios take place everyday; however, there are still many people who don’t know how to manage it, or simply don’t care.

A credit score tells you exactly how well you have paid your bills, and what other credit cards you may have on file. These factors determine what your credit score is. There are people who decide to pay straight cash for their things, but think they don’t need to worry about they credit score. However, there are several reasons why everyone should take a look at it. One example is that they could have a higher chance of obtaining a credit line from a mortgage company, automobile company, or a bank. offers people to view their score online; it will only take 60 seconds. Find out other optional benefits the site has for you.

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More – Watch Out For The Next NBA Champs

  • April 16, 2008

Collegehoopsnet.comThis is a website for college basketball fans and college basketball players. It has the stats of all the games, including scores, injury reports, power rankings, and odds.

You can also check out the upcoming games` TV schedule, or buy your tickets online. Their Top 100 Players list is constantly updated, and their polls allow for some viewer interaction. They have an NBA draft page and a recruiting section, where you can find out who is going where, and who is the hottest kid on the block. The site is nationwide, and it has information about every college league, from Florida to Main and from Texas to Washington State. Among its more entertaining sections, the site has a logos & mascots page, where you can view, and rate, the different college teams logos. Their college basketball fan shop offers T-shirts,. cheerleader outfits and caps, with a flat shipping rate of 4 dollars for the US.

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More – Online FlashCards

  • March 13, 2008 is a fun place to test yourself. has flash cards on many subjects so that anyone from grad school, to higher education can study on the site. Anyone can browse through the site and see what types of flash cards are available. has tags in many different categories from: language to pop culture to social science. Within these categories there are sub categories such as language, Spanish, Spanish verbs. You can then see the most popular decks in the category. Before you open a deck you can see how many cards there are, how many views the deck had, and its ranking. When you are studying you will have the question and you will have to answer it. The you choose thumbs up or thumbs down to represent whether or not you got the question right. At the end of the deck you will get your score and they will recommend whether or not you should continue studying. If you like the deck you can add it to your library and the next time you enter the site it will be available to you. You can take a look at the person who created the deck to see what their profession is and how many decks they have created. is a great way to have fun and study.

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More – What Is Hot On The Web

  • January 28, 2008

WebHotOrNot.comThe logic that lies within is quite simple.

They have taken the concept of mega popular, and applied it to websites instead of people. Instead of ranking people to determine whether they are hot or not (the concept has also been used to rank pets, and lots of other stuff, what you will rank here is websites. So, with a simple process, it’s fairly easy to use. You just go to WebHotorNotHot, and you will be presented with random websites , which you can rank with numbers from one to ten (being 10 HOT, and 1 NOT), flag the site as inappropriate, or just skip that one and go to the next to add. You always have a link to all the websites that can be ranked, and you have a comments section (this is new, they don’t have that at Once you have cast your vote, you will see the average score for that website. Besides that, you can also add your site to be seen and ranked by others. Basically, a good idea, that can be summed up as “KillerStartups meets HotOrNot”.

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