More – Keep Track Of These Products You Want

  • March 11, 2010

Scordit.comSelf-announced as “Product drooling 2.0”, this website will let you both create lists of these items that you have bought along with wishlists, and (eventually) win a prize for doing so.

That is, every time that you add an item to either kind of list you are receiving a point. The more points that you accrue, the more your chances to win something are increased. The site features both weekly and monthly prizes, and (as you can imagine) monthly prizes are the substantial ones.

The site lets you see these items that people are buying in droves and the ones that are more sought-after on its main page, so that you can realize if wanting to but this or that product is a whim you had, or if you are just acting like most sensible buyers would.

Scodit can be joined and use for free, and there are no different types of memberships. Everybody is equal here, and the one distinction that is made is based on the level of engagement that the person has with the site.

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