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  • June 18, 2010

Sciyo.comThe official site of Sciyo (a scientific publisher) offers people a true chance to bond as a community which is drawn together by its interest in everything that has to do both with science and technology. The idea is that these individuals are given a ready chance to publish their research and reach an audience as wide as they could possibly hope for, and one that is entirely receptive at that.

These articles that are submitted become part of the Sciyo database, and they can then be looked up by any person who visits the site. Of course, given the technical nature of their content such articles are meant mostly for fellow researchers and developers. Yet, individuals like journalists that are looking for a credible source of information would find a visit to this site worthwhile too.

And the fact that all of the content that is shared on Sciyo is published under an open access label and Creative Commons Attribution License just makes everything even more immediate. Anyone can access it without having to pay fees of any kind. All the while, published authors retain the copyright of their work and receive usage-based royalties (calculated according to the number of times the published work has been downloaded).

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