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  • May 29, 2008 is the website for the SCI, Safari Club International.

SCI is committed to protect the freedom of those who like hunting, as well as to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. There are members in over one hundred countries that fight to protect the hunting heritage enjoyed by more than fifty million families all around the globe. is the web site for this organization and it aims you to join the SCI and stand up for your hunting rights. In this website you will find that and much more information about this hunters association. You will find several links for you to be informed about the SCI commitments and ideals. There is also an online store for you to buy a membership item; there are belt buckles, bumper stickers, decals, life member hats, and more. There is also a page for Youth Hunters, where you will find some information for you to provide your kids with. For more hunters’ info, visit

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