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  • February 18, 2009

Find.comThis site made me think about several things. First of all, what is the use of a search engine in a market that is oversaturated, and that has more than a handful of sites doing the job exemplary? The team behind it claims that they want to provide people with a system for finding information in a clutterless fashion, and while the portal does exactly that, any major search engine will let you customize the search in order find the same results, or find these very results from the word go.

I appreciate the effort that goes into trying to bring alternatives to the public, and I applaud the team for hoping to provide a different platform. This leads me to another point. Two days ago I reviewed a site stationed at, and the standout aspect was that the domain itself cost almost 2 million dollars. How much could a domain like have cost? I ask because if the figure is somewhere close to the one I can imagine then it would have been best to try and come with a different service. I do understand that there is nothing better that a URL that reads “” for a search portal, and I am really curious to see how the service will develop. The team already distinguishes between a “Search engine” and a “Find engine”, but I do not see any tangible difference yet.

My advice to the folks responsible for this project is to find (no pun intended) a ground and a substance of their own, occupy a space that current search engines do not fill some way or the other, and come up with a way to present themselves to the world that is memorable and that can entice internauts the world over. As I said, I appreciate their effort, and I wish them best of luck with their project seeing they already have an unforgettable domain to go with.

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