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  • June 15, 2008

Jyi.orgThe Journal of Young Investigators is a non-profit, entirely student-led initiative to broaden the scientific experience of undergraduates. The scientific students learn and practice all the steps of article reviewing and publishing process.

The students run the peer-reviewed journals for undergrads. More than 30 academic institutions are represented at the JYI staff level. Eureka Alert!, Chemical Engineering News, The Chronicle on Higher Education and The New York Times have reported about this great initiative. JYI also has a web journal that published the best undergraduate research regarding Math, Science and Engineering. The students with the support of their advisers review the complete process from research to publication. Definitely, JYI improves undergraduate science training because gives to our future scientific research a complete view of the world of the scientific research enterprise. You can also find a great Archive Section full of research papers that may help you with your own research and a Science Career Center. is definitely an asset for young researchers.

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