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More – Innovative Educational Approach

  • June 30, 2008

Terc.eduTerc objective is to improve mathematics and science teaching in order to expand the student’s mental capabilities, their creativity and problem-solving attitude. This approach wants to build a diverse community engage in rigorous and reflective thinking that focuses on actual problems with no easy solutions.

Terc activities include research, curriculum and technology development, and implementation support in the form of professional development and assistance to districts and schools. The activities cover pre-kindergarten through college, and include adult basic education and informal learning at museums, at home, and in after-school programs. Terc keystones are collaboration with members of the education community; innovation in educational practices and products; cutting-edge research, engaging learning opportunities for all students, including underserved student populations. Terc areas of expertise are adult numeracy; after school and informal learning; earth and space science; electronic communities of learning; elementary math; language, culture and education; online learning; special needs and using data for school improvement. Visit and learn more about this innovative educational approach.

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