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Sanergy Goes Where Few Are Willing

Sanergy Goes Where Few Are Willing

Many startup entrepreneurs will say that dealing with crap is part of the everyday routine, but few can own the statement the same way as can David Auerbach. His company, Sanergy, provides improved sanitation to urban slums and turns human waste into energy and goods. His business is in the toilet, which is right where he wants it to be.   The Ingenious Model There’s a lot to admire about Sanergy. For starters, the name is...

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It is an uplifting fact that there are more than a fair share of projects that aim to put the power of the Web to the best possible use, and aid those in need all over the world. Akvo is one such initiative, and in this specific case its objective is to both create and share Internet tools for providing clean water and proper sanitation conditions to those who have none. To these ends, members create and work on different projects...

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Hampton Roads is the name of a body of water and the land that surrounds it and it is located in the south eastern corner of the state of Virginia. It is one of the world’s largest natural harbors and is formed by the mouths of the Elizabeth and James Rivers and several smaller rivers. To learn more about this body of water and the company that are responsible for cleaning any domestic waste water before it is pumped back into the...

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