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The Quest To Code By The Non-Techie Explorer

I always pictured myself a “follow your dreams” kind of parent, but I have come to realize that I should add a “but first learn to code” disclosure. It is blindly apparent how important technology is, and if you know how to build technology, even the basics, well that’s just pure gold. But not all of us fancy ourselves the tech-type, though that doesn’t stop us from having big ideas and frustrations about building them. What do you do...

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The Coolest Of The Cool – Top Entrepreneurs Under 30

If you went to school with Pinterest and Spotify, you would have to be pretty rad to hang out in their lot. just released their list of the 30 Coolest Entrepreneurs under 30 for 2012. These young entrepreneurs are working hard to prove that playlists and pinboards aren’t the only cool startups in school.     The list includes startups that are solving major problems: Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski, co-founders of...

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Selling Ice To Eskimos: How Two Young College Kids Made A Sitcom Premise Into Multi-Million Dollar Web Development Software

The creation and evolution of Codecademy reads like a sitcom. Two guys, smart, young, and in their final years of college at an Ivy League school become close friends. One, Zach Sims, is a people-person, gregarious, friendly, confident and smart. The other, Ryan Bubinski, is a life-long computer geek, adept at coding and web development whose father was a computer salesman.   Zach asks Ryan to teach him the ways of computer...

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