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What I Learned About Entrepreneurship From Running

What I Learned About Entrepreneurship From Running

Last month, I ran a total of 120 kilometers, which included running my personal best in an unexpected half marathon. I spent a lot of time on the road — just me, some music, the sound of my (sometimes ragged) breathing and most importantly, my thoughts. One of the recurring themes to pop into my head…

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Your daily life is full of chores. And you can’t move on until all of them have been dealt with. Which can take hours, since one tends to push such things back. And that’s what a service like TaskAmigo is here to remedy. is a website which helps you organize the things you need to do, and get them done by people who have the time. It works like this. First, you post anything you have to do on

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Looking for a way to have a competition run on Twitter that’s both simple and effective? Well, is hard to beat. It lets you create Twitter competitions instantly, along with vote generators for measuring how positively people are reacting to what you’ve put together. Interactwive lets you create contests that can run for as long as you want, and just by making it clear what people must tweet to enter...

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Finding the right music for jogging is what this service is all about. This site is bound to provide you with enough tunes to keep on running from dawn till dusk if that is what you feel like doing (and if your body can keep it up, obviously). On you can download whole playlists that have been created by people who love running, and these playlists can be searched according to your kilometer time. And if you have the time to...

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This is the right platform for all those who want to run an online book club. This site makes it very easy for them to create one such collective and invite people to join it. And once the club is up and running, books can be discussed as extensively as its members want – discussions can revolve both around single chapters and whole books. And meetings can be as public or private as their participants wish. The database of books...

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