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  • February 26, 2008 is an online news agent community and partner site of Rumor Mill News tv program where you can find the latest politically incorrect news, stranger than fiction and usually true rumor related to diverse general interest topics.

If you want to browse the web site and community content you must scroll down your mouse because at first impression you wont see anything else rather than their logo. The menu categories you can find at the top but scrolling down your mouse are, who funded RMNews, donate rumor mill news, subscribe rumor mill news, RMN reading room, RMN reading room archives, surfing the apocalypse, tenth planet telegraph, wellnow news stand, bio rythms, lotto picks, news links, Diana, queen of heaven, the Obergon Chronicles and bring em on. There is also a search engine box where you can submit your article keyword search and quick find any rumor that you are looking for.

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