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Inside The World Of Warcraft –

  • June 23, 2009

Inside The World Of WarcraftIn the event you have been locked in a cupboard for the past couple of years, World Of Warcraft is one of the most popular online Role Playing Games that has ever surfaced. It lets players immerse themselves in a mythical land and interact massively with others, hence the denomination of MMORPG – “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”.

It is only fit that there are blogs devoted to such a record-breaking phenomenon. This is one such online resource. Here you can find all about patches that see the light of the day along with the most recent developments and a wide range of guides made by and for players. Coverage on the MMORPG scene as a whole is provided as well.

Although I am not very keen on games such as this one, I am the first to admit that they stand as a fascinating gaming option. What interests me the most are the many ramifications they have regarding the way people interact with each other and connect, and what is the effect they have on people. I can’t still decide whether the bits that are good outbalance the bad or viceversa, but I must say that I had a good (and inspiring) time browsing through this weblog. Inside The World Of Warcraft

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More – Online Role Playing Game

  • April 9, 2008

Holy-war.netYou know that times when you are bored at the office and you don´t know what to do with your little spare time? Well, if that ever happened to you then you should consider taking a look at, the home of one of the better quality role playing games in the Web.

Just check it out today. You just have to join and you will be able to play for free. Read the instructions and you find the game to be very interesting and a real challenge for you. After you get in the world you will see what we are talking about. You will find out why so many people are playing this wonderful game every day at every time. So if you like role playing games or you are just bored, take a few minutes to visit and you won´t be disappointed.

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More – Virtual Gaming

  • October 29, 2007

www.Gaiaonline.comDo you like to play games online? If that is so, might be a good site for you to visit. The website lets you play games online, watch movies and meet other people. You can also share your thoughts with others and find a variety of online gaming options. offers you the chance to become a Gaia member, design your Gaia avatar and enter a virtual world where you can play games online. Are you looking for online gaming options? Then, Gaia Online is a site to keep in mind. Additionally, you can watch free movies online, chat with other people and participate in a forum as well as join an online community.

If you want to become a Gaia member and create your Gaia avatar, you can do that for free on the website. In conclusion, if you are looking for a site to play games online, join an online community and watch free movies, then you should stop by

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More – Virtual Gamming

  • October 15, 2007

Gaia.comGaia is an online community with games, message boards, and a virtual world. You will find anime video games discussions as well as a links database and fan-art galleries.

Members can hang out, chat and create their own virtual characters called avatars. An avatar is your persona in the virtual world that has necessities and lives like a real person, moves in a virtual economy and has needs, etc. Those avatars explore the World and meet people. The most important thing about the world of Gaia is that it is constantly changing and growing. Check it out.

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More – Online Role-Playing Game

  • September 27, 2007

Runescape.comLooking for a multi-player online role-playing game? If so, this is the site you need to visit. Game players are allowed to control their characters and train them to improve and become more powerful, or just trade goods in one of RuneScape’s markets.

Every action of the character is exclusively a player decision; in this game nothing has been prearranged. The skills your character can develop depend on the kind of life you lead, like strength, magic, domestic cooking, woodcutting skills, and crafting, among many others. This game offers more than one hundred quests. These quests can ask you to do something simple like bake a cake, or do something difficult and complex like resolving diplomatic relations between warring states. Become a member of and get new content almost every week, more than 8,000 items, over 100 more quests, 27 exclusive minigames, over 600 types of monsters, 8 more skills, and the ability to build a home.

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  • August 30, 2007

BuzzerBeater is an online basketball management game in the style of the wildly successful soccer games Hattrick and ManagerZone. BuzzerBeater is not quite a fantasy sports game in the traditional sense, because rather than being based on (and thus constrained by) real-world players, games are run play-by-play based on a sophisticated simulation engine.

Upon signing up, users are assigned a team, and get to buy and sell players, assign training regimens, and set lineups and tactics.

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