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  • February 23, 2009

RockSoapOpera.comHow keen are you on soap operas? Do you spend your livelong day in front of your TV set? I don’t think that is the case – you wouldn’t be reading this if that was so. At any rate, the site we are reviewing right now involves a soap opera with a twist, and one that is geared towards a different audience.

Because you will not see any familiar names or faces if you give it a try. In actuality, you will not see any faces at all. Because the characters are two rocks. Right.

Yes, that is it. This soap opera revolves around Carlos and Janine Rock. The site will enable you to follow their “lives, trials and tribulations” one day at a time. The latest instalments have included an orange named Clementine (!) that gets in the middle of the relationship of our two mineral friends.

To keep the flag of wackiness going, the site is open to suggestions so that if you think you have an idea that could keep thing fresh you can submit it. I bet that requesting Audrina Patridge be included as part of the cast is asking for too much, but if you can think of something do let the Rock Soap Opera Team know.

I thought that the site was so offbeat that it deserved a mention. It is not going to wow you in any way, but it might make a smile light up your face. And, you know, I think that really counts.

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