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  • June 2, 2008 is the website of 94.

7 WCSX, Detroit´s Classic Rock Station. So, whether you would like to listen live online, or you are just looking for schedules, DJs information, interviews, etc. then you should definitely check out the site. Interested? Then go to the page and find out what´s going on with Detroit´s number one rock station. On the site you will also have access to the radio shows´ blogs; so, read the articles provided on the blogs, and if there is any article you would like to comment on, be sure to leave your message and see what others have to say in response. Want to know what´s currently on? Then check out the schedule and find out the radio programs that are on right now, and check your favorite show hours! For further information, be sure to visit the site and take advantage of all the features offered, such as pictures, videos, and so much more.

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