More – Automate Your Job Search

  • July 19, 2011

RobotRecruit.comSending out one resume after the other only to collide with a wall of indifference time and again wears people out like little else. It can make those who are talented become disenchanted with the professions they are keen on devoting their lives to. And that is an extremely dangerous position for a young person to find himself into. But fortunately, there are platforms like Robot Recruit around – platforms that can bring job seeking processes into a much steadier course.

In the specific case of Robot Recruit, we can define it as a job-matching service whereby people can submit their resumes and be paired with suitable job openings on the spot. This is achieved by using some proprietary technology that can analyze resumes and extract vital information, which is then used to determine which positions are most suitable for you. Recruiters will get to see only your qualifications – they are not seeing your name until you choose to disclose who you are, and agree to an interview with them.

All of the above takes place without you having to pay anything. Robot Recruit is a free platform. Accounts are created inexpensively, and nothing has to be paid for uploading your resume either.

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