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  • November 7, 2007 is a site where you can download Roboform and other similar and different versions of it.

This software remembers all your passwords and user names avoiding the trouble of remembering multiple passwords. It allows you to log in automatically, it also fills long registration and checkout forms with just one click, it encrypts your passwords so that you can achieve total security, it chooses passwords for you so that hackers cannot guess them, among many other services. Roboform memorizes and securely stores each user name and password the first time you log into a site, then automatically supplies them when you return. Its main objective is to create helpful software that makes using your computer easier, faster and safer for individuals and enterprises all around the world. The idea is that you remember one master password (Roboform�s password) and Roboform remembers the rest. The site also has tutorials and manuals to help you use the program.

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