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Plan Your Dream Road Trip With Roadtrippers

Plan Your Dream Road Trip With Roadtrippers

Finally taking that road trip of your dreams? Let Roadtrippers make planning oh-so-easy.

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A new iPhone application that can be compared to a personalized tour guide, StreetFlow is the one app for ensuring you won’t overlook points of interests in any road trip you take. By downloading and installing the application (you can get it for free at the App Store), you’ll be getting audio and images for any place that you’re passing through. You might be onboard a train or a bus, you might be traveling in your...

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If watching the Food Network or Channel Travel gives you an incurable longing to strike out and visit all the eateries that are constantly shown there, then a site like this will fit you like a glove. Essentially, TV Food Maps is a search engine for the restaurants that are shown in these channels. You will be able to provide the location of the restaurant itself (by supplying the name of the city or a ZIP code), and then you will be...

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As its name suggest, this site will let you find good scenic routes to drive down all over the United States. The basic premise is simple: you simply tell the site where it is you are located and then it will produce a list of scenic drives close to where you are. You weigh them up, decide which one would be the most suitable one and then off you head into the sunset. Each drive’s profile includes not only directions for the majority...

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The days of calling friends and relatives back and forth in order to keep track of shared expenses are long gone. The Internet has the virtue of simplifying everything, and that would not be the exception. is a web-based tool that serves that purpose. What it does is to make it possible for you to keep track of who has contributed to the cause at hand – wedding, birthday party, road trip… basically anything that implies...

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