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  • June 4, 2008

HoosierTire.comAre you into drag racing? Do you have a performance vehicle at home? Do you race on the weekends? Are you into road racing? If you can answer yes to any of the above stated questions then you must be a real car racing enthusiast. If you are a real car racing enthusiast then you already know that you need the best equipment for the job.

You also know that the most important part of drag racing and street racing are both the engine and the tyres you have. For the best racing tyres on the market you have to get Hoosier tyres. Hoosier have been making the best racing and performance tyres for years. If you need the best tyres for drag racing, road racing, oval tract dirt racing, oval track asphalt racing, kart racing, and more racing categories then you have to head to the official website of Hoosier, On you will find all the latest technology in tyres and also all the Hoosier merchandise. For all this head to now.

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