RjDj.me – Music That Changes Every Time You Play It

  • December 19, 2009

RjDj.meIf there is something iPhones are known to do, that is to push the boundaries of what we expect and we demand from absolutely everything. Is it fair to expect them to revolutionize the way we enjoy music? After having tried out this service, it seems the answer is going to be an affirmative one.

You see, RjDj is a purveyor of iPhone apps that champion what is called “reactive music”. In case you wonder what that is, it suffices to say that it is music that is played differently each and every time you listen to it since your iPhone modifies the tune according to the environment you are located in. That means no song is played the same way twice.

This service is mainly geared towards electronic music. That makes sense, really – music that is reliant on samples and loops lends itself to the reconstruction process far more instantly that rock or pop songs.

The company (which is the brainchild of one of the founders of MySpace) has recently released its very first app, in conjunction with artist Little Boots. You can procure it through the site – the results are certainly intoxicating, and any music lover is certain to be fascinated even if he doesn’t like electronic music.

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