More – Rest In Peace IE6

  • May 14, 2009

RipIE6.comWeb developers might be a little sensitive when it comes to certain things, in the same way that a painter is irritated by some things that wouldn’t bother an ordinary person, or that a bus driver would be annoyed by something that others would not pay any heed to. That becomes apparent when you visit this website.

In general terms, we can term it an obituary notice reading that IE6 has passed away. This obituary notice is geared towards those who refuse to upgrade their current web browser and stick to the now “defunct” one.

You might think that whoever devised this site went a little too far, but I can tell you he has a good reason to be concerned by something like this. A web developer can easily get bombarded by mails complaining that his latest app failed to work, when the truth is that the application works just fine – it is the browser that is obsolete.

If you take that into account, a solution like this one is not that gratuitous. It does play an important role, in actuality. As such, it will act as a true awareness-raiser if it reaches the right eyes.

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