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  • July 23, 2007

Ripoffreport.comBeen a victim of a rip-off? File a report at, and don’t let them get away with it.

This site gives consumers the chance to file any report concerning rip-off, by keeping visitors identity anonymous, and in turn give business the chance to compensate the damage done. Still consumers aren’t the only ones allowed to file rip-offs, as employees or ex-employees get the chance of providing extra information about a reported company or even expose it from corruption by posting they’re comments. Filing a report at, enables users to negotiate with companies, the site recommends that you fax your ripoff report to the company or individual you have just reported and use it as a valuable negotiating tool. On the other hand if you’ re interested in filing a class action lawsuit based on Reports you’ve seen posted, and you want to identify a class representative, the site can help you by e-mailing those victims that gave permission and asking them to contact you. If you are a business with one or more reports filed against you, you can answer back and regain your business credibility by using the “Rebuttal” option.

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