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  • May 7, 2008

RioHondo.eduThe website features information on Rio Hondo College, an educational facility located in Southeast Los Angeles County. The college awards degrees in over 40 disciplines and certificates in close to 30 subjects including vocational programs such as welding, drafting, and automotive technology to name a few.

The site contains information on admissions where prospective students can view class schedules, enrollment requirements, residency programs, fees and all other necessary information on how to begin studies at the college. Academic information on departments, programs, and courses offered is available as well as online services such as online classes, and other student services that the institution offers such as counseling, financial aid and bookstore. Students also have access to the Rio Hondo library where they can find research information, reference materials, guides, and general information on the college library. Human resource information can also be found on this site including job openings, application forms, policies, benefits, faculty contracts, faculty survival guide and more.

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