Rinnku.com – Save Bookmarks And Have Them Shared

  • March 20, 2011

Rinnku.comRinnku is a new social bookmarking platform. Of course, this is the right time to release one such resource – Digg is an all-time low, what with tech blogs reporting that not even founder Kevin Rose uses the service any longer. So, it is only obvious that some will try and step on these shoes.

Rinnku makes for saving and storing links, both with others and privately. The degree of openness of the whole service is something that you are going to determine yourself.

The actual storage of links is done via a toolbar shortcut, and you can organize everything using tags. And using tags is all the more advisable since that will let you create a customized newsfeed in which only what truly matters will be shown to you when logging into the service.

And in addition to being made public on your profile, all the links that you save through Rinkku can be shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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