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RightSignature.com – Easy Online Document Signing

  • June 2, 2009

RightSignature.comRight Signature is a free service that plays out a very concise role, namely letting you manage the process of delivering documents to others and having them signed over the web and delivered back to you. Such a tool reduces the cycle time of documents considerably, as the recipient sees the document the moment he opens his e-mail and can sign it straightaway.

A process that would take up several days if handled using printed media, then, can be dealt with in minutes.

An account can be created for free just by furnishing some basic particulars (your name and an e-mail address for contact purposes). Upon doing so, you will be automatically taken to a demo document for you to get into the swings of things. When it comes to paid plans, you can have your pick from three different ones that go by the names of “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold”. All three paid plans come complete with Google Docs Integration and a consolidated daily e-mail report, whereas the “Gold” plan features access to the existing API.

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