Armed.com – The Place to Go To Get a Gun

  • August 16, 2012

People have different opinions when it comes to the value of owning a gun. Some people see gun ownership as an unnecessary thing. Others are extremely indifferent when it comes to owning a firearm. Then there are individuals who view owning a gun as a right. They love their guns, and they’ll be hogtied before someone takes them from them. If you are that type of individual, then armed.com is the right site for you.

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LowesCertifiedGuns.com – Personal Defense Supplies

  • July 24, 2008

LowesCertifiedGuns.comThese are hard times, somebody said. Though an old statement, it’s truth enough to be taken into account on people’s daily lives.

That’s why America has one of the highest rates of gun owners in the continent: people feel they need to protect themselves and their beloved beings. Here’s a gun supplier that aims to be your firearms, personal security, and home defense supplier, providing you with a large variety of products. At Lowe’s Certified Guns you will find a great selection of hand guns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, and a long list of accessories. Through Lowescertifiedguns.com you can either check the whole stock by accessing the links on the left hand side of your screen, or have a look at the hottest offers on the market you will find at the homepage. Besides, the company specializes in defensive weapons, unusual and historic firearms, and guns that are just plain fun to shoot. LowesCertifiedGuns.com

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KriegerBarrels.com – Precision Rifle Barrels

  • July 17, 2008

KriegerBarrels.comIf you like precision single-point guns, you should check what this site has to offer. Krieger Barrels, Inc.

manufactures precision single-point cut-rifled barrels in calibers ranging from .17 Cal. through 4 Bore to the best target and custom rifle builders in the world. While this company does not manufacture complete rifles, they do make barrels for almost any need including competition rifles, high-grade sporting rifles, and ammunition lab test barrels. Through this site you can check the store’s catalog for the full range of barrels it produces. Besides, you can also access chambering services to fit the barrel available to your action or upper. Krieger Barrels is made for shooters by shooters. With over 26 years of experience in this area, the store permanently supports the shooting sports and industry. To view the whole stock of products you should access any of the links on the right, which include barrel making, calibers and prices, contours, and a long list of models. KriegerBarrels.com

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WolfAmmo.com – Leaders In The Ammunition Industry

  • July 12, 2008

WolfAmmo.comWolf is considered one of the leading companies in the ammunition industry. No you can visit the official site and understand why they have gained this position in the market.

In this site you will be able to read general information about wolfammo.com as well as having a look at the products they offer their clients. These are rifles, pistols, rim fires and shot shells among others. Once you enter any of these sections in the home page, you will be able to have a look at each item. All of them have a picture for you to have a look, as well as its main characteristics and specifications (calibre, projectile weight and other data). If you are interested in purchasing any of these then you can search for the nearest store in the site and finally be able to have them at hand. The site also enables you to request a catalogue where you will be able to see all the new products in it. Contact information is available for you in case you have any questions or doubts you might have. Visit wolfammo.com now and locate the nearest store! WolfAmmo.com

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LesBaer.com – For Serious Shooters

  • July 9, 2008

LesBaer.comThis is a site specifically dedicated to serious shooters who are able to take guns’ details into account. Lesbaer.

com is the main homepage for Les Baer Custom, a professional gun store that has built a reputation as the number-one provider of precision firearms to the people who depend on their firearms. This means that the company is committed to give these people the edge to do their jobs right with the right tools. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of firearms are high on the list of pros like SWAT teams, military special ops units, firearms trainers, and competition shooters, chances are good they’ll all sing the praises of the custom 1911 pistols and AR rifles built by Les Baer Custom. People at this store claims to be determined to build only the best. Therefore, within this site you will find models and designs of their own specifications, their own prints, and their own parts. Discover the great stock available by accessing the links on the right hand side of your screen. LesBaer.com

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Rifle-accuracy.com – Bell And Carlson Gunstocks

  • July 6, 2008

Rifle-accuracy.comRifle-accuracy.com is a website that displays rifle stocks from Bell and Carlson.

All Bell and Carlson gunstocks are available in different durable Creative Effects Camo Colors & Finishes that you can check on their site. All gunstocks come with a premium recoil pad and sling swivel studs. You can find all additional technical info at Rifle-accuracy.com. The selection is impressive; browse the stocks of rifles Carbelite, Medalist, Thumbhole, or Two Piece. You can also check the Two Piece Shot Gun Stocks and SmartStock Accuracy System or Rifle Stock Construction and the mercury reducer information. The weight of Bell & Carlson gunstocks vary due to the large variety of models and sizes. Most hunting and varmint models weigh about 2 to 2.25 pounds. Tactical and one-piece military models range from 3 to 4.5 pounds. 10/22 models are less than 2 pounds. Two-piece models weigh about 2 pounds. Bell and Carlson stocks are reliable over a temperature range of -50ºF to + 150ºF. All stocks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. You can find all additional technical info at Rifle-accuracy.com. Rifle-accuracy.com

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Ows-ammo.com – Old Western Scrounger

  • July 2, 2008

Ows-ammo.comOws-ammo.com is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

They feature the last inventory of original M1903-A3 drill rifles, receivers, and bolts. Furthermore, they also have original World War II M1903-A3 rifles. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side containing many diverse categories, such as: Springfields, ammunition, collector, shotgun, antique firearms, books, bulk brass, closeouts, odds and ends, gun parts, lead balls, bullets, military surplus, muzzle loading, navy arms, black powder, reloading dies, supplies, etc. In addition to the entire aforementioned stuff, there are also many magazines and clips available on their site. Moreover, if you like firearms, you can get one of their great replicas. Some of the featured products you will see on the main page are bullets BP, enfield 2A 10-RD Mag, 32 Long Colt 82 GR Lubaloy, military rifles,slugs, 22 win automatic, and many more. Ows-ammo.com

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Riverviewsales.net – Firearms And Accessories

  • June 30, 2008

Riverviewsales.netRiverviewsales.net is the official and e-commerce website form Riverview Sales, an American retail company that sells firearms and accessories.

Here you can browse trough their entire catalogue of products, sorted into different categories such as revolvers, pistols, shotguns, rifles, and holsters, among others. Each one of the items listed here displays pictures, main features, and price, and they are all available to purchase online with any major credit card. In addition to this, here you can find all their latest offers and sale products. In case you want to receive them right into your email, together with all their latest arrivals, you can subscribe to their free mailing list. Though the company is based in East Windsor, Connecticut, they ship all across the United States. Finally, in case you need further assistance or you have any inquiry, here you can find all the contact information of their customer support department. Riverviewsales.net

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Americaremembers.com – Recreations Of Historical Guns

  • June 25, 2008

Americaremembers.comAre you an owner or collector of firearms? Our constitution gives us the right to won fire arms to defend our homes, this right also allows us to form collections of some of the best weapons of today and though out our countries history. If you enjoy collecting and displaying firearms then you might like to take a look at a web site on the internet that offers its visitors the chance to view and purchase a wide range of unique items.

The web site can be found at www.americaremembers.com and from here visitors have the chance to view some beautifully recreations of some of the most important guns from our countries historical past. Each of the products on offer from this web site comes with a detailed description, historical information and photograph. All the products on display can be purchased directly from the web site via there shopping cart facility and secure online payment processor. Americaremembers.com

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Ruger-1022.com – Ruger 10/22 Rifle Accessories

  • June 23, 2008

Ruger-1022.comAre you in the gunning industry? Are you a gunning specialist? Are you a professional that hold a firearm? Do you shoot for a sport? Do you hunt on the weekends by yourself or with your friends? Do you currently hold a gunning license? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions and you have answered positive to the last question then you need to log on to the gunning specialist page. The website is called Ruger-1022.

com. Ruger-1022.com is a website that is mainly dedicated to providing information on the Ruger 10/22 rifle, and providing accessories for that same rifle; however, the website also contains heaps of information on other rifles and the technological advance in handguns and rifles. If you’re interested in rifles and other guns then you need to check out the latest news posted on this very interesting website. For more information, log on to Ruger-1022.com now. Ruger-1022.com

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RGuns.net – Need a Weapon?

  • June 16, 2008

RGuns.netIf you are one of those people that prefer to have your own weapon in order to use it in self-defense, this website will provide you what you want. Also if haunting is your passions, you will find rifles and many other types of arms at this website.

The website is RGuns.net and it offers different kinds of articles related with arms. The website accepts some credit cards (VISA, MC and Discover) if you want to pay on this way, and it’s important for you to know that there are no charges included if you pay with your credit card. However, the shipping service is not free and you have to pay a not very cheap cost for it. If you don’t want to spend enough money in an arm, the website provides you with used guns. Furthermore, if you already have a gun or any type of arm you will find supplies for it. Take a look at the website if you are looking for a real effective weapon, and don’t forget reading the instructions before using your purchase. RGuns.net

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DoubleGunShop.com – Specializing in Double Guns

  • June 13, 2008

DoubleGunShop.comIf you’re into guns and are particularly interested in double barreled shotgun, this website is the right place for you. Double barreled shotguns are usually used for hunting, sport, shooting and gun collecting.

These two barreled shotguns can be either “side by side” or “over and under”. Field hunters and gun collectors are very fond of American European and British “side by side” shotguns or gameguns while “over and under” guns are mostly used by target shooters. Double rifles can also be “side by side” or “over and under”. Large bore rifles are generally used for big game hinting and for shooting competitions that simulate this type of hunting activity. These rifles are really fun to shoot and very collectible. On the site you’ll also be able to find information on European hunting guns called drillings, as well as combination guns which are very versatile and used for European mixed bag hunting. You’ll have access to gun lists, and even find some great collector’s specials to buy. DoubleGunShop.com

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EOTACForum.com – Firearms and Weapons Forums

  • June 13, 2008

EOTACForum.comDo you love all sorts of weapons but haven’t found anyone to that you can really talk to about you passion? Would you like to find a community that understands and shares your passion for firearms, swords, and other types of weapons? If you’re looking for other enthusiasts like yourself with whom you can share your views, opinions, and even get feed back or answers to questions you may have, you’ve found the right place. At EOTAC Forum, you’ll be able to participate in many different forums with lots of people that share your love of guns, rifles, collectible firearms, hunting, archery, knives, and more.

You’ll find that many people share you interests and you can have hours of fun posting comments, providing information, getting tips from people more experienced than you or even finding information on weapons and related topics that you didn’t even know existed. You can put in your two cents on a number of different topics so browse the site and have some fun. EOTACForum.com

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50BMGStore.Com – ARM USA 50 BMG Rifles

  • June 11, 2008

50BMGStore.Com50BMGStore.Com is a website where you can see and purchase guns and rifles.

At the right hand side of the homepage you will find some categories that will help you browse this site. The categories are 50 Caliber Rifle Product Info, 50 Caliber Pricing, American Security Safes, Library-books and Videos, Guns for Sale, Gift Certificates, Join the NRA or Renew your membership, Opinion Page, Links, Funnies, Terms, and Privacy Policy. You can join the ARM USA’s Freedom Reporter Mailing List. By subscribing, you can keep informed of developments affecting their second amendment rights. In order to streamline email correspondence to all subscribers, they utilize Contact Contact, a new email program. Once you enter your email address you will receive a confirmation email with a link you must click on in order to complete your subscription. If you need more information on handguns, rifles, safes, and accessories, just visit the ARM USA website. 50BMGStore.Com

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Del-Ton.com – Weapon Accessories And Gun Shows

  • June 8, 2008

Del-Ton.comFilled with accessories for guns, this site has a large amount of accessories that will make your gun the best weapon you have ever owned. At Del-ton.

com you can find accessories for all types of rifles. Here you will be able to find accessories from barrels to rifle kits and much more. Each accessory comes with a very brief description on it along with a picture and with what type of weapon it is compatible. Not only can you purchase accessories but you can also get access to the rifle section in which you will find many rifles that may catch your eye. The rifle you choose comes with a description on what it contains and a comment that has rated the rifle you chose explaining why it is a good rifle. The site provides many links to other manufacturers that may have a better stock for you. Search for the rifle that you like the most and don’t waste anymore time. Del-Ton.com

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Warrifles.com – Firearm Discussion Forums

  • June 5, 2008

Warrifles.comIf you are a firearms enthusiast and you would like to share your passion with others, this website is just what you need. Warrifles.

com is an online forum where all the firearm lovers gather to discuss about different arms, weapons, and related topics. Here you can find discussion boards about latest news, tactics, ammunition, military news, equipment, survival food, and optics, among many others. If you thought you would be the only one interested in a place like this, think again, because this website has up to now more than 30.000 registered members. You can browse trough all the topics and posts, but in order to be able to post you must be a registered user first, which is free anyway. Finally, if you are looking for arms, ammo, or equipment, here you will also find discussion rooms featuring classifieds, links, and reviews about different e-commerce websites selling all this. Warrifles.com

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ERifleScopes.com – A Lifestyle Rather Than A Hobby

  • June 3, 2008

ERifleScopes.comSome people love to spend their leisure time doing the groceries, going out for dinner with their friends, romantic dates or family time. Other would rather use it do fulfil their most beloved hobby; hunting.

Nonetheless, this hobby requires more than the free time to do it; it also requires gear such as scopes, rangefinders, rifles and many other accessories. ERifleScopes.com is a website which aims to be your primary provider of these things. Each of the items to purchase is shown with an identifying image besides it, its price and some additional information concerning the product. To search for what you are looking for, on the left hand side you can find a menu with every thing sold, with different links, to different kinds and brands of the same item. In order to make it easier for you when searching for a specific product, you can sort the items by popularity, price, name, preferred or quick shipping. In addition to this, the site offers a substantial amount of information regarding the people who lay behind this company, their private policy, contact information and more. If you are interested in purchasing something you will have to create an account, nonetheless this is completely free of charge. There are other services worth highlighting, for instance the site offers a guide which may come in handy when buying a rifle scope and a listing of all the different brands of rifle scopes. Father’s day is coming up, why not take advantage of the useful gift certificates and give him a memorable surprise? Check it out yourself at ERifleScopes.com. ERifleScopes.com

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Shilen.com – World Class Accuracy

  • June 2, 2008

Shilen.comShilen.com is the site of Shilen Rifles Incorporated; this site is where you will be able to get some of the world class accuracy products, such as rifle barrels, pistol barrels, triggers and bullets.

Once selected on of these products you will be able to find many different sub-sections, such as barrel grades, caliber ad twists, chambers, contours, pre-threaded and chambered barrels, Ruger barrels, AR15 barrels, and new savage replacement barrels, within the Rifle Barrels section. Within the Pistol Barrels section, you will be able to find stainless steel match grade barrels, chrome-moly match grade barrels, and much more information. You will be able to find much more information about triggers and bullets within each personal product section; and look all the different prices within the Prices section, and find as well all the services provided, such as rebarreling, action or barrel finishing each, other items, like muzzle brake, thread protector, pillar bedding, and other items and services. Shilen.com

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TaylorsFireArms.com – Taylor’s and Company Incorporated

  • June 2, 2008

TaylorsFireArms.comTaylor’s & Co., Inc.

was formed in 1988 and provide since then complete sources for your shooting needs with firearms from the 1840’s through the 1892. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about the company and about the products and services they provide. This site is also an online store that offers these kinds of firearms available for you to purchase them online and from the comfort of your own home. In the Black Powder section of this site you can find a list of firearms that you can select from. Every gun offered has a photo of what it looks like, the name, model, barrel, length, weight, caliber, capacity, grip and finish as well. You will also find a brief description of the gun and a button that you can click on to purchase the item you selected. In the Cartridge Firearms section you will find a list of available revolvers under categories such as Single Action, Conversions, Top Breaks and Open Tops. You will also find in this section rifles, derringers and a coach gun list. You can also find in this site parts and accessories for these firearms and much more. TaylorsFireArms.com

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Topgunsupply.com – Supplies For Firearms

  • May 30, 2008

Topgunsupply.comAt topgunsupply.com they specialize in firearms parts and accessories.

They have a large array of supplies for your guns, pistol, rifles, and so on. At the left side of the webpage you will see a navigator bar containing different categories, such as barrels, belts, books and DVDs, ear and eye protection, grips, handguns, holsters, long guns, mag carriers, optics, speed loaders, tactical lights, tools, and much more. You can search or browse for the supply by manufacturer. They work with Novak, Ameriglo, Bore-Stores, Bushmaster, Dynamics, Dawson Precision, Glock, Heckler and Koch, Kahr Arms, Mec-Gar, Milt Sparks Holsters, Rock River Arms, Sig Sauer, Streamlight, Wilson Combat, Wolf Gunsprings, just to mention some. Each of the products have pictures, details, as well as price. If you are going to use the gun don’t forget to wear the protective accessories; you can get them there too. In addition, they also offer diverse magazines, such as: Kahr, Beretta, Sig Sauer, etc. Topgunsupply.com

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