RideShark.com – A Practical Ride Matching System

  • October 1, 2010

RideShark.comRide Shark is a matching service for commuters. It will let them find buddies for making the journey to and from work more enjoyable, and also more economic.

Five different ride matching services are provided in total: “Carpooling”, “Vanpooling”, “Bike Buddy”, “Walking Buddy” and “Transit Buddy”. The matching process itself is as easy as specifying where it is you are and the point you have to get to for the application to come up with a suitable list of matches in which only active users are going to be included.

And the whole process is considerably simplified by the fact that Google Maps and Microsoft Earth Maps are extensively employed. Pinpointing locations and destinations couldn’t possibly be any simpler.

Besides, the safety of users is ensured by the constant checking of addresses, emails and all the kind of information that guarantees people are who they claim to be.

There are four editions of Ride Shark currently available: “Metro”, “Corporate”, “Campus” and “TMA / Cluster”. This means that mostly every kind of corporation or entity will be able to implement this service and benefit its members to no end.

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