RideJudge.com – Show Off Your Car

  • January 26, 2011

RideJudge.comHave you just bought the car of your dreams, and you are running out of people to brag to already? Well, this is the one site you should point your browser to in order to continue your trip through self-inflation unhindered. As the title of the review puts it, here you will be able to show off your new vehicle to the world at large. You will be allowed to upload pictures and your own text explaining for how long you had wanted to get such a car, and so on.

Others will then be able to rate your ride, and tell you in all honesty how great they really feel it is, and whether or not you really got your hands on a bargain.

Of course, you will be able to do the same and offer your insight on every other vehicle that is featured on the site. And outright battles can be declared – you will be able to have your car pitched against the one of any person who dared criticize it. The users of the site will then decide who was wrong, and who was right…

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