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More – An Alternative To YouTube

  • August 20, 2009

Dyyno.comDyyno is a new video sharing platform. It claims to cost “10 times less” than other traditional services while implying no IT involvement at all on the users.

The platform seems to me one that is especially aimed at business users and entrepreneurs, as they can broadcast presentations and flash media in a very easy manner. Of course, individual users will benefit from this platform, too, and share the type of media that is put around in services like this one – camcorder streams, live videos, etc… . Besides, large groups are accounted for by way of the existing “Dyyno Broadcast Station”, a channel which is geared towards those wishing to broadcast to medium-sized to large communities.

Technically speaking, the platform developed by Dyyno goes by the name of “HyRes”. It is a hybrid reliable streaming solution that accommodates HD resolutions to up to 20 FPS, and that can adapt to different rendering technologies effortlessly.

Can it displace the video sharing platforms already available? Check it out and see how it handles itself. A personal channel can be tried for free. If you find it interesting, you can upgrade to a paid account easily and unleash its full range of features.

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More – Video Production For Enterprises

  • June 24, 2009

Market7.comMarket7 is a new company that specializes in the development of video and rich media solutions for enterprises. Its objective is to cover every angle of the project itself, from the very inception and conceptualization to the publishing of the finished media, leaving the clients with more time on their hands in order to worry about what they want to get across and not worrying about how they can make these video strategies materialize.

Different modules are provided in order to accommodate every step of the process. An annotative player is featured alongside a task and a team management module, whereas a tool for event management is likewise included for the team to operate correctly. For its part, a collaborative script is included for ensuring that everybody is pulling in the same direction.

All in all, this online environment provides anybody a ready chance to improve collaboration and produce videos for as many corporate purposes as one can imagine. Pre-production, production and post-production are duly taken care of through the modules that were described above, so that it can be said that there will be something of interest for everybody in here.

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More – A Rich Media Community, Management System and Flexible Development Framework

  • July 8, 2008

GLU is a Rich Media Community, Management System and Flexible Development Framework developed by DDX.

GLU aims to bring social web users, designers, developers and content providers together under one platform and enable them to leverage rich media functionality and create greater value for themselves and for others through the platform and through collaboration with each other.

GLU provides more sophisticated widget and component functionality combined with a powerful rich media management system, and provides the framework for others to contribute similarly.

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  • May 9, 2008

-ZoeyBot is a free educational site for kids. On ZoeyBot kids use a safe virtual desktop to search and interact with rich media content.

ZoeyBot is Disney’s DXD meets Google and Wikipedia… an interactive and highly visual environment geared at learning. They provide an incredible simple proposition… a free service which offers a truly safe environment for kids between the ages of 7 and 13. As they scale the content they believe they can make a compelling case for why kids, parents and educators should visit this site instead of Wikipedia and Google. In short, their goal is to provide exceptional content whereby diverting traffic from Wikipedia and Google for an initial target market of 50 million in the US along. ZoeyBot is leaps and bounds ahead of other educational sites. This technology is a platform on which educational services can be layered. They believe they can offer a distribution mechanism for web-based educational software. -

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