Colaab.com – Web Based Real Time Communication

  • January 15, 2009

Colaab.comThis solution was created in order to provide the increasing need of web based collaboration software. Today, the community’s businesses and organizations need to connect, communicate and collaborate in real-time sending and receiving any kind of information including documents, files, videos and images.

Colaab uses an advanced but very simple to use interface allowing several users to communicate in real time if they wish to manage their own time when working alone. The user interface has been built exclusively using Microsoft technology; therefore the company was able to build an extremely rich application delivered within the browser.

The system is simple: a user creates a workspace and then invites other users to collaborate with him or her via email. There are three different levels of workspace access controlling the options available to the user. In this way participants can collaborate within the workspace and viewers can consume the content within the workspace but not interact. colaab has free accounts available with some limitations as well as different subscription prices if what you are looking for is a huge storing capacity. If you want to improve the way you review work with your clients and project teams, then Colaab seems to be a good option for you.


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WolfFrameworks.com – Mashable Platform

  • October 20, 2008

WolfFrameworks.comWolf PaaS introduces a quick, easy, flexible, and cost effective way of building web applications on the internet. Offered on the Internet as a Platform-as-a-Service, it is a 100% AJAX and XML based business application designing and development PaaS for creating interoperable, mashable, embeddable, and portable SaaS applications on the internet for Business users.

WolfFrameNetworks offers Business Solutions Framework for business users and software developers, a technical code free environment for designing and delivering custom Business Applications on the internet.

All you need is an internet connection, a browser program and the knowledge of modelling your business inside Wolf PaaS. No software to install, no hardware to purchase, no maintenance cost, complete cloud computing SaaS development framework.

It separates the business definition from its code counterpart, making the business application survive beyond current technologies. Providing more freedom and reducing the burden of technology change and fear from getting locked inside a cloud for customers.

You design your application on the internet and get the software delivered that is ready to use. The software is embeddable, interoperable and portable, and like all Wolf based apps, they are personalized business applications and are available as a web service thus opening up accessibility to any external service/system that would like to use it.

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TuneSpray.com – Create And Deliver Your Mobile Promos

  • July 23, 2008

TuneSpray.comTuneSpray.com is a free service that allows you to create and deliver multi-media messages to mobile phones in a single download.

Simply log on to the site’s online design tool and create your unique personalized user mobile promos or PUMPs using any combination of text, pictures and audio, within seconds. PUMPs are more expressive than an SMS and compared to an MMS a PUMP is interactive, with links to multiple pages and the internet. You can even send your pictures from sites like picassa, facebook and flickr to your mobile. This service is very simple to use, it requires no technical knowledge, and can be used to send something simple as a mobile greeting card or to extend your marketing campaign to a global audience. A wide variety of consumer and enterprise applications gives TuneSpray’s technology endless possibilities. For example, PUMPs can be used to promote event related information like film festivals, night clubs, restaurant openings, downloadable magazines for sports, gossip or weekly TV guides, or simply user created content to share private interactions. Why wait for an operator for your mobile content. Go, create, share and enjoy! TuneSpray.com

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