More – Rewriting & Spinning Articles Easily

  • September 30, 2009

ArticleBoxer.comThe premise of Article Boxer is a concise one. In essence, it is a tool that will let you rewrite any article you might have penned before, and also spin any article you might be interested in.

Using this tool you can have any document broken down in different sections and proceed to modify each one individually. You can actually choose how to split it, so that if you want to go sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph it is perfectly possible to do so.

In my opinion, one of the site’s most noteworthy features is the ability to take Wikipedia articles and have them transposed into simple text files that can be edited. Once you are done, the application pieces them all together and you have a brand new Wikipedia article in your hands.

That functionality is truly an interesting one, and while I don’t mean to belittle any other aspect of Article Boxer I would say it is where I am putting my money. Taking into account Wikipedia’s popularity and impact, it can but spark many people’s imagination.

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