More – Learn Which Sites Are Genuine

  • November 9, 2010

ReviewAndJudge.orgReview And Judge is a new resource that aims to make for a more transparent Internet. Here, anybody can find out which sites are reputable and which are scammy ones by launching a mere search. This search will produce a set of objective data for the user to weigh up, and determine whether any site that he has come across is genuine or not.

The data that Review And Judge can display includes information such as how long the site has been around, how many visitors it gets every single day, and the number of other sites that have endorsed it. Using this data, you will be able to measure how transcendent any complaint really is. That is, if you read negative comments about any online retailer that you want to shop at you a site like Review And Judge will let you balance them against the actual size of the company, its longevity and so on. That should put everything into a much clearer perspective, and let you make better-informed decisions.

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