More – Humanitarian News at Your Fingertips

  • June 30, 2012

Prior to there was no website dedicated to news regarding humanitarian issues. Starting in 1997 was conceptualized and created by the Thomson Reuters Foundation to combat this problem. After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda there was large outcry over the lack of media response, bringing to the forefront a need to monitor and bring to light these atrocities across the globe. AlertNet employs professional reporters of their own to directly relay information regarding humanitarian issues. In addition to this network the AlertNet relies on hundreds of relief organizations to inform them of any instance that should be reported on.

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More – Words and Photos that Define the Time

  • May 6, 2008

Tenbyten.org10×10 (ten by ten) is part art project, part social commentary, and part historical news archive. The website methodically collects the most important photos and words of the day from major news sources (Reuters World News, BBC World Edition, and The New York Times international news) and every hour compiles a grid of these pictures with their associative words.

These words are not necessarily obvious descriptors; they range from locations (“Pakistan”) to sentiments (“pride”) to numbers (“thousands”). These grids will form part of a larger map of the stories of the day, which will embed within a grid of the week, and so on.

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More – All In One Video Search

  • February 2, 2008

Vizhole.comDid it ever happen to you that you were looking for a video in, say, YouTube, and regardless of how much you searched you didn’t seem to get across it? Did you ever feel stupid when you said ‘Oh, well, let’s try Veoh for a change’ and there it was, staring at you from the #1 in the search results page? Well, those days are over for good, because thanks to you can beat the strange shifts in audience and liking that make people upload stuff to one of the video portals and not to the next.

This site is a Search Engine that simultaneously searches the largest video portals: YouTube, LiveVideo, DailyMotion, iFilm, Veoh, and presents you with the combined results so you need only make one click as opposed to a gazillion, when searching each portal separately.

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More – Your Blog at the Center of Attention

  • March 5, 2007

BlogBurst.comAre you searching for job opportunities and career opportunities in California? If that happens to be true, you might find a good site for you to visit. This is the official website of California Career Zone, that offers job positions and help people to explore industry sectors.

With you will have the chance to explore jobs that better match your personality and find out what your real interests are. Moreover, you can search within different industry sectors, including architecture and engineering occupations, as well as arts and design, healthcare and much more. is the website to stop by if you are searching for career and job opportunities in California. This website will help you find the job that better meets your interests and expectations. In addition, you can access free resources and browse job positions by category, including from business and engineering, to legal occupations and military specific occupations.

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