“Sharing Economy” Is Usually BS, But Not With Yerdle

  • April 23, 2014

“Sharing economy” has been a buzz-phrase for the past couple of years and, like a lot of terms in the startup world, it’s basically bullshit. Airbnb is part of the “sharing economy” because you “share” your apartment with someone else, Lyft is part of the “sharing economy” because you “share” your car…


Pace4Life Keeps Hearts Pumping Around The World

  • June 6, 2013

How many people in the world have the satisfaction of knowing that their job really makes a difference? That’s the question Balasundaram Lavan asked himself one day a couple of years ago. The answer (as we all know) is “not very many.” Balasundaram decided that he was going to quit his job in finance…

More – Give Unwanted Items Away

  • March 28, 2011

TrashNothing.comThe inspiration behind the Trash Nothing website is to have people recycle their unwanted items, and give them away to those who could use them instead of just discarding them and contributing to these landfills that are growing at a worrying rate in all major cities throughout the world.

The main requisite for giving items away on Trash Nothing is that they have to be in good condition (IE, being reusable). And items that are posted should be appropriate for all ages, and nothing illegal should be advertised. These are the only requisites to speak of here. As long as they can be reused by another person, items can be listed and given away for nothing.

People on Trash Nothing interact by creating groups that can be freely joined by those who live in their same communities, and where reusable items are widely listed. People can actually post both what they have to offer and what they need. If someone within that same group has it, he will get in touch right away.

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More – Give Unwanted Items Away

  • January 27, 2011

GiveToMe.netThis is the one site you should visit if you have some unwanted items gathering dust in a corner, and you want to do something more productive with them than just throwing them away and making landfills in your city escalate.

On this site, people who are in such a position are enabled to get in touch with individuals who could put their unneeded items to some good use or the other. By merely creating a post detailing what you want to part ways with, you will become contactable by those who could use what you no longer want to have around.

And the site also works the other way around, as people can post what they need and see if someone gets in touch and offers such items up.

We are talking about a site that can be wholly used for free here. Unwanted items can be posted at no cost, and the same goes for these needs that you might have. And the fact that countries other than the US are already supported just makes everything all the more functional and practical.

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More – Sell Your Broken Phone

  • January 12, 2011

Cash4Berry.comThrowing your defunct phone away is not helping anybody directly. It is only going to contribute to the proliferation of landfills where you live. The best thing that you could do with these devices that have become damaged (or that you have outgrown) is to sell them off. It is a mere question of knowing where to turn to in order to get a good deal. And that description certainly applies to a site like Cash4Berry.

This company lets you have your phone shipped at no charge, and it can pay as much as $ 300 for it. Alternatively, you can take your mobile to any of its many drop-off centers and have everything dealt with in person.

And although its name might make you think that Cash4Berry buys only Blackberries, the truth is that the company also buys iPhones and a wide range of regular cell phones. And it is important to mention that all the phones that it buys are put to an eco-friendly use – nothing is thrown away. The phones are either recycled or reused.

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More – Sell Your Apple Products

  • August 20, 2010

TakeMyMac.comTake My Mac is a company devoted to the purchase of Apple products only. It has the goal of providing everybody with a time-effective way to sell and recycle his old Apple devices, and avoid wasting time trying to do it himself.

One of the main advantages of such a service (if not the main advantage) is that the company buys just all the Apple devices that are offered to it. That is, nobody is ever turned down. If it is an Apple device, the company is going to purchase it regardless of its condition.

Also, the implementation leaves nothing to be desired. Having your item sold to the company is a matter of filling out a quote form online, and then having your device shipped free of charge to the company.

Take My Mac is also an eco-friendly company. It throws nothing away. Everything is reused. It gives old iPhones to bootstrapped startups, laptops and desktops to schools… anything that still has got life in it will be reused. Electronics always have lot of possibilities, and it’s good to see a company that maximizes them.

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More – The Social Trading Site

  • November 14, 2007

Scoodi.comHave you got a house full of stuff that you don’t use? Or perhaps you have a fruit tree in your garden. You don’t want to waste things.

You don’t want things in landfill. You could sell some things online, but you don’t want the problems of managing auctions. Reuse and recycle within your local community with, the location based social trading platform. has been developed to encourage you to mobilize the things you don’t use and get those things circulating in your local community. With you can buy & sell or give things away. There are no time limits on listings and using Scoodi is absolutely free. Browse and search for stuff by tags and key words within a search area that you define.

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